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Touristik Westerstede e.V., SKN Verlag, Foto-Sander, Ammerland Touristik, Helmut Behrens, Andrew Bayda –   Access for electronic communication:   The Touristik Westerstede opens up the access for electronic communication by means of emails or by the use of electronic forms. The email-addresses stated on these internet sites and in the letterhead of the Touristik Westerstede can be used for electronic communication.  

Because we currently do not offer encryption, all emails can possibly be read also by unauthorised persons. Therefore no confidential information should be sent through this channel.  

When transmitting emails or using electronic forms the following requirements are to be considered:  

1.    The Touristik Westerstede currently does not use electronic encryption and no electronic signatures. Documents, that require a special written form, should therefore not be transmitted by email.

2.    For reasons of safety emails should only be used in text format. Documents, which are sent as an attachment together with an email to the Touristik Westerstede, should only have the following formats: *.xls, *.doc, *.ppt, *.pdf, *.jpg.

3.    Electronic forms on the internet sites of the Touristik Westerstede can only be used, if the program Acrobat Reader is installed on the PC.  

Technical provisions: For an optimal representation Javascript should be activated. For looking at some contents, you need additional software such as for example the Adobe Acrobat Reader of Adobe. At the appropriate point you are offered the possibility for a download.  


1.   Content of the Online Offer
The Touristik Westerstede does not guarantee the up-to-dateness, the accuracy, the completeness or the quality of the information supplied. Any liability claims against the Touristik Westerstede, which refer to damages of material or ideal kind, which were caused by the use or disuse of the presented information or by the use of faulty and incomplete information, are basically excluded, provided that on the part of the Touristik Westerstede no as can be proved deliberate or roughly careless fault is given.

2.   References and Links
In case of direct or indirect references to external websites ("links"), which are outside the area of responsibility of the Touristik Westerstede, a liability would exclusively be assumed if the Touristik Westerstede had knowledge of the contents and if it was technically possible and feasible to prevent their use in case of illegal content. The Touristik Westerstede hereby expressly declares that at the time of the linking, no illegal contents were recognizable on the pages that were to be linked. The Touristik Westerstede declares herewith to have no influence on the current and future layout, on contents or copyright of the linked/tied up pages. The Touristik Westerstede therefore dissociates explicitly from the content of any pages linked with and related to our website, which have been modified after setting the link and which represent illegal content after the modification. This declaration applies to all links and references that are included within the own internet offering as well as for third-party entries in visitor’s books created by the Touristik Westerstede, discussion forums and mailing lists. For unlawful, faulty or incomplete contents and in particular for the damages which originate from the use or disuse of such kind of presented information, alone the supplier of the side is liable to which any of these links refer not the party that simply refers to the according publication through links.  

3.   Copyright and Trademark Law
The Touristik Westerstede is anxious to follow in all publications the copyright of the used graphics, sound documents, videosequences and texts. All within the internet offer mentioned and - if necessary - protected brand names and trademarks by third-party rights are without exception subject to the regulations of the respective valid trademark rights and the ownership rights of the respective registered owner without limitation. The copyright for those objects published and created by the Touristik Westerstede itself and the rights conferred by the right to the name remain solely with the Touristik Westerstede. Any reproduction or use of such graphics, sound documents, vidosequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without express consent of the Touristik Westerstede.

4.   Legal Effectiveness of this Disclaimer
This liability disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet offering from which you have been referred to this page. Should parts or individual formulations of this text not, no longer or not fully comply with the current law, all other sections of the document remain unaffected as regards its contents and its validity.

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