Data protection

Data protection

Accesses to our web server are only logged anonymously. Only the fact of the access and the called-up document is recorded. A reference to the person of the user is excluded in any case. The log data is stored and evaluated statistically. If the internet offers the possibility of entering personal and business data (email-addresses, names, addresses), then the disclosure of this data takes place on the part of the user on an expressly voluntary basis.  

The use and payment of all offered services is – in as much this is technically possible and reasonable – also without information of such data and/or under information of anonymized data or a pseudonym possible. It is possible to access all web pages in the public domain without cookies being transferred to your computer. A session cookie will only be transferred to your computer when you access web pages for which a login is required. This session cookie is set for recording the browser identity on your computer, it will be deleted from your computer at the end of the browser session. This information is in subsequent browser sessions no longer available.

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