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Blossoming in Westerstede

Who enjoys cycling and walking in a beautiful nature, will like Westerstede. Surrounded by colourful gardens and green parks in the unique cultural landscape of the administrative district Ammerland, the lovely town in the northwestern part of Lower Saxony attracts innumerable visitors every year. Its placid town centre with the pedestrian zone, a dense network of biking and hiking trails to the surroundings and a big variety of leisure possibilities invite to enjoy active relaxation.  

Bicycle tours and hiking trips between tree nurseries, meadows and idyllic villages together with the stop in one of the many hospitable cafes and restaurants: Your holiday in Westerstede is a special experience. As a “healthcare city in the green” the officially recognised resort town has already gained a reputation. With the RHODO, the largest European rhododendron’s exhibition, the town centre of Westerstede turns into a sea of colourful flowers with an experience exhibition and activities for both children and adults in May every four years. A mecca for professional plant growers, lovers of gardens and nature as well as for enterprising people.


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