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If you prefer to explore the region on foot or by bicycle: In the immediate surroundings of Westerstede there is plenty to experience. Walk along the knights’ path to the castle square Mansingen. Or get to know the Ammerland route. It will take you to the most beautiful landmarks of the park landscape in the Ammerland. On a cycling tour along the Frisian Heerweg you will immerse yourself in the history of our country and will discover the most ancient traces of human settlements.   No matter whether you prefer cycling or hiking, a short or a long round trip: We have created tours of different distances for you for your holiday in East Frisia, on which you can get to know the country and the people of the Ammerland to your heart’s content. Our bike tour maps will show you the direction. And by the way you breathe a lot of fresh air. The mild stimulating climate of the nearby North Sea: pure recreation for body and soul.

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