On the way in a true cycling paradise

On the way in a true cycling paradise  

Seven cycling tours invite you to discover Westerstede and its surroundings. Star-shaped laid out, they take you across beautiful forests, historical church roads and field paths. As our town is not only located in the midst of a multifaceted park landscape in the Ammerland, cyclists have the best conditions for cycling besides the magnificent views: All around Westerstede the landscape is so flat that even untrained people or children can easily master all tours.   Whatever cycling trip you will decide for: You will always arrive there where you started in the morning: at your place of accommodation in Westerstede. The cycling trips are each between 45 and 77 kilometres in length, most of them an average of 55 kilometres. Who does not want to be out for such a long time, can simply choose the “short cycling trips”: These are cycling trips which were shortened to 25 – 35 kilometres.


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