Rhododendron parks

Rhododendron parks in Westerstede

In spring the Ammerland shows its most beautiful side: Rhododendrons and azaleas – everything blossoms. So colourful as the spring fresh rhododendron blossom in the Ammerland, so manifold are also the leisure possibilities which Westerstede offers for an eventful vacation in East Frisia. The attractive position of the town in the unique park landscape of the Ammerland, in the midst of big forests, juicy green meadows and waving corn fields makes Westerstede an excellent bike excursion territory. At the end of April the Ammerland awakens from its long Sleeping Beauty slumber: The flowering season in the numerous rhododendron parkways and tree nurseries begins. A manifold sea of blossoms invites the visitors of Westerstede for a walk of the senses: colourful rhododendrons as far as the eye can see.

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