Enjoy the Draisines

A joy-ride in the fresh air

If with four persons or with sixteen persons at the same time – to ride a draisine is a pleasure which delights young – and older excursionists. With the “bicycle on rail tracks” the multi-facetted park landscape in the Ammerland can be enjoyed in a different way. Twelve bicycle draisines (4 persons) and three club draisines (16 persons) purr on the abandoned rail tracks between Westerstede and the urban district Ocholt back and forth since 2006 – from 1st April until 15th October. A fun for four persons: Two persons are pedaling powerful and two of them are sitting on the bank and are driven comfortably through the wonderful natural idyll of the Ammerland. For a ride with the draisines there are some game rules because everything depends on one rail track.   Three stations invite to a break along the seven kilometres long route. At the end of the rail track the draisines are simply turned around before returning quickly to the start. The draisines’ station is located on the premises of the tree nursery G. D. Böhlje in Westerstede, the oldest tree nursery of the Ammerland with more than 160 years’ tradition.

For all draisines the traffic rule applies:

The crossing road traffic has the right of way.

Departure times from Westerstede: 9.30 hrs, 14.00 hrs and 18.30 hrs (Start time 18.30 hrs however only possible from 1st May to 20th August)


Fares for one draisine (for a maximum of 4 persons)
Monday to Friday: 30.00 €
Saturday + Sunday and holidays: 35.00 €
Evening trips (on all days): 25.00 €  

Club draisine (for 16 persons)
Monday to Friday: 100.00 €
Saturday + Sunday and holidays: 120.00 €
Evening trips (on all days): 90.00 €   (Evening trips can be booked from 1st May until 20th August.)


How it works:

  • Information and reservation by the “Draisinenspaß Ammerland GmbH & Co. KG (see legal notice), you can also drive with the draisine without reservation, but of course the draisines booked in advance have priority.
  • Meeting place: Draisine station Westerstede (at the tree nursery G. D. Böhlje, Oldenburger Str. 9, Westerstede)
  • Information about the draisine trip by our experienced draisine instructors
  • Individual trip of seven km (there and back 14 km) from Westerstede to Ocholt and back
  • Bookable daily: 1st April until 15th October
  • Bookings for draisines can be cancelled without charge up to one day before the agreed date for the trip.
  • Catering services can be cancelled without charge up to three working days before the agreed date for the trip.
09.30 Uhr – 12.00 Uhr Westerstede > Ocholt
12.00 Uhr – 13.30 Uhr Ocholt > Westerstede
14.00 Uhr – 16.00 Uhr Westerstede > Ocholt
16.00 Uhr – 18.00 Uhr Ocholt > Westerstede
18.30 Uhr – 20.00 Uhr Westerstede > Ocholt
20.00 Uhr – 21.30 Uhr Ocholt > Westerstede

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